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Why give an hour?

If someone you know is missing out on the internet, they're missing out on loads of ways to make their life easier and more enjoyable.

On the 30th October the clocks go back and we all have an extra hour. Imagine how exciting it would be if we all used this time to help someone get started online.

Help someone you know get online; it could change their life. Find out how and pledge an hour of your time.

Alternatively if you're looking for some help, click here to find your nearest computer course. If you would like to see our useful links to help both teachers and learners click here

Why should you help?

There are still 8.7 million people in the UK who’ve never made a free Skype call to a loved one, explored their interests or got a great deal online. In fact, in the UK:

  • The average household can save up to £560 a year by shopping and paying bills online (Race Online 2012)
  • 90% of jobs require basic internet skills (Nielsen Company 2009) and people with good ICT skills can earn up to 10% more than people without such skills (Centre for the Economics of Education, 2007)
  • Over 25 million people use Facebook to share photos and news with family and friends, and it’s entirely free. This is just one of the ways that being online can combat the social isolation and loneliness experienced by 3.1 million over 65 year olds who see a friend, relative or neighbour less than once a week. (

If you've got a relation, friend or neighbour who is missing out on the internet, they’re missing out on loads of ways to make their life easier and more enjoyable. If you can Give an hour to get someone you know online, or Give an hour to volunteer at a local event or place near you, get in touch with us at!

Why not see how Martha Lane Fox is going to give her hour - click here

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Do you need more help on the computer?

There are over 3,800 UK online centres across England, and 1,500 BBC First Click centres across the UK that offer people free or low cost help and support to start using the internet. Use the search facility to the right to find your nearest free Online Centre.

Many UK online centres are based in local libraries or community centres, and the friendly staff are supported by the great resources on

BBC First Click and UK online centres are inviting internet beginners to pop along to a free internet taster session. Call freephone 0800 77 1234 to find your nearest event.

Useful Resources

The internet has such a vast array of things you can do that it can become daunting to use it. We’ve put together a small list with some website you may find useful. These resources can be used for both learner and trainer - if you’re not sure how to use these websites why not book in to find your nearest free computer training course click here.